Frequently Asked Questions


ProFinder - Types of Memberships for Businesses

  • All businesses get free business listings for their postcode of registration.
  • All businesses get one month free trial as a ProMember, when they can get access to instant lead alerts from consumers looking for their products and services within the selected territories.
  • All businesses get the promotional offer of an additional two months access as ProMembers to the ProFinder platform when they refer two businesses to become ProFinder ProMembers.
  • ProFinderhas three types of subscriptions;
  • Business Directory Listing: This is similar to any other online directory offering business to business listings, as well as business listings for potential consumers to directly contact businesses. This service is provided free to all businesses for the suburb of registration. However, these businesses will not receive instant leads or quote requests from the ProFinder platform.
  • ProMembership subscription: PRO members get access to the RFQ platform to receive instant alerts and to place their bids (anonymously). Businesses can select –
    • the type of products and services they wish to receive leads for,
    • the territories that they wish to receive the leads from and
    • the market segments that they wish to service eg. customers looking for high quality products and services, customers looking for cheaper options or all market segments.
  • ProMembers also choose not to have their contact details listed in searches to avoid time wasting interruptions and enquiries and can focus only leads received via the ProFinder system.
  • Premium Memberships (Both):This is a combination of Business listing and ProMembership – ProMembers will be able to get business listings at a discount for the territories chosen. Business listing for their postcode of registration is free. This is especially beneficial to businesses that operate a sale cum service business.

ProFinder - Why NOW is the right time!

  • ProFinder’s technology can be used across all products and services for free by consumers.
  • The easy to use technology will help consumers and businesses connect privately, anonymously and easily making the ordering of products and services and their supply super easy, economical and almost free for all businesses,
  • Encourage the universal participation by consumers and businesses alike and helping to keep products and services reasonably priced due to lower associated sales and marketing costs, thereby curbing inflationary pressures on the economy,
  • The transparency associated with ProFinder’s processes such as market feedback as well as the business standards and integrity promoted by ProFinder’s proprietary quality rating system will encourage consumers and businesses to use it for their daily needs and also to support ProFinder as will gain the popularity of discerning customers and businesses and will make it the marketplace of choice for conducting business safely, quickly and fairly with enormous time savings.
  • will also drive jobs local, as local businesses will be able to provide more economical bids than businesses located at a distance.
  • Where the quality rating and delivery times are the same, local suppliers can win bids more easily again helping to reduce costs and inflationary pressures on the economy.
  • Also as all businesses that are ProFinder ProMembers get access to all new business leads, their bid performance will largely depend on the quality of the service they provide, which will help towards improving better standards of service in the marketplace.

All ProFinder ProMembers will be incentivised to build their reputation as a quality service provider as incompetent businesses will not be sustained by the system. However, all businesses will receive market feedback on the bids provided which will help them to improve bid performance and also get access to customer feedback on each service provided, which they can use to improve the quality of their service and become future winners! - a world first service of its kind!

No! is not like other sites that make lead generation sound like a quick, time saving automated process but really only provide a ‘reverse directory’ that only marginally alleviates the struggles faced by both businesses and consumers, in the procurement and supply of sought after products and services.

With existing online sites, consumers still don’t know whether they are getting the best deal available, as most lead generating sites provide leads to businesses that pay the highest lead fees. This entails passing the costs on to consumers and all while not guaranteeing the job for the business either - a lose-lose scenario. So as far as consumers are concerned ‘value for money’ is not something they can expect with these sites.

Businesses not only have to pay high lead fees, but also have to spend a lot of time dealing with tyre-kickers, and customer enquiries and as we all know, time is money. This means businesses are losing out twice as much and are still not assured for a definite sale, something that they find very frustrating!

ProFinder’s solutions deal with all the frustrations faced by both consumers and businesses and is available for free where it most counts. Consumers get to use the services for free and businesses only have to pay a small administration fee for access to the platform after which they are provided with virtually unlimited, free leads from their chosen territory. Only if a business wins a bid are they charged a nominal and fair success fee, which they will be happy to pay as a commission towards winning a job.

Fees on ProFinder will range between 0.5% to 5% on a regressive system, reducing as the order value increases, making it very attractive for businesses to use ProFinder as their preferred provider of leads from ‘purchase ready’ consumers; consumers - who would prefer the convenience offered by ProFinder to any other online or offline service!

ProMembers get greater value at a fraction of their usual marketing spend!

  • helps businesses who are ProMembers –
  • To get access to virtually unlimited, free qualified leads from ‘purchase ready’ customers.
  • To get instant Lead Alerts for Quote Requests from customers looking for their services for the chosen territory in their online business account dashboard or mobile phone.
  • With the flexibility to choose the types of services, customers and territories that they wish to provide their products and services to for market segmentation.
  • To get bookings/sale, not just leads, with quicker turnarounds and get more job orders to increase revenues and profits.
  • To avoid creating websites and related costs of SEO, PPC etc.
  • By making it possible for top rated, quality providers to win repeat business and also charge a premium for their services and products.
  • To get maximum possible Return on Investment and focus on their core business activity by working smarter not harder.
  • Get a marketing, advertising, customer service team without the high costs.
  • One month free access to the GalaxC platform and an additional two months access for referring two other businesses to become GalaxC ProMembers. No success fee to be paid for the first order won on a better lifestyle!

Register Now on ProFinder!

It will help businesses to get a head-start on their competition, by registering early and providing quality services that will build up their quality ratings received from satisfied customers who provide a good feedback. They can even charge a premium for the services provided, while businesses that are new to the system will have to discount their costs to build their quality ratings.

There will be fewer competitors, in the beginning. Early adopters will definitely be ahead of the followers, when the word spreads about the advantages of using ProFinder such as the low costs, free leads, only winner pays, market intelligence and online website - less presence offered by ProFinder

Many of the incentives such as additional / extended FREE subscriptions through the referral system are promotional and may be withdrawn when the membership exceeds the critical mass. This period will help early adopters to get to know the ProFinder system and use Free Trial periods to their best advantage to win more jobs, even when the competition increases.


Committed Quotes and Queries offers you two alternatives when placing a request for quote. ·Obligatory Quote (OBQ): If you need a job done urgently and have all the information required to proceed with the buying/hiring you can choose the Obligatory Quote option.

The advantage of using this option is that you will have many more providers participating and providing their best quotes as each provider gets only one opportunity to provide his best quote before the quote deadline and as this is done privately, they do not have information of the bids provided by other businesses.

The bids are compared and ranked by the system based on your preferences set by you for price, quality and delivery times with the first one matching your preferences the best for your easy selection. Clicking the button automatically notifies the business with the winning bid for his acceptance and scheduling of the job at the time set by you.It cannot get any simpler or easier to get what you want and the best deal.

·Non-Obligatory Quote (NOBQ) for Queries: You can choose the Non Obligatory Quote option by which you can get approximate quotes for any product or service. Since this will be mainly a query you may get weaker participation from the more busy and quality providers. Also on businesses get the option of not receiving leads for enquiries and only get requests for quotes from ‘purchase ready’ consumers.

You may however find the value for money that the system offers too good, when seeking a non-obligatory quote to not immediately proceed with placing the order and save yourself time doing it again, even though it is easily done! On GalaxC it will pay off to have all facts and homework done, so you can get the best quotes for exactly what you are looking for and get the best outcome and value for money 24/7!

Consumer Benefits

  • provides –
  • The free, most convenient and efficient way to make an informed choice on service providers and get upfront compared and value ranked offers for instantly booking products or services.
  • Easiest way to contact providers to book products and services, even urgent ones.
  • One-click booking of standard products and services, without requiring voice calls and reviews as customer ratings are used in the comparison and ranking process for display.
  • Preference setting tool to choose quality, price and timing for product or service needed to find matched and available service providers.
  • A method to get a clear statement of work to be done or specifications of product to be ordered before selecting the provider.
  • A convenient alternative to save time and money on voice calls and get maximum value for money.
  • Auto and Manual bid selection options that save you time and allows quick bookings.
  • A FREE platform with their own dashboard to use and a modern transparent evaluation and bid ranking system, to help with their decision-making and selection process making the task of finding what they need a quick, fun and enjoyable process that they will want to use again and again.

Feedback on Services Used

This website has been created with the larger community in mind, which we are part of. Just like you benefit from the feedback provided by consumers for the service you are seeking you can also contribute by providing your feedback once you have used a service on GalaxC. All feedback is anonymous, even though the business you have provided feedback on will be aware of the feedback you have provided.

Please play fair and give the business every opportunity to satisfy you where you have been previously unhappy due to any specific reason, to prevent causing disadvantage to the business by giving unjustified negative feedback. Please read GalaxC’s Terms of Use available on the website to find out more. - ' A World First technology that Consumers can finally depend on'.


ProFinder provides customers with offers from businesses that are exactly matched to the information provided in their request.  Also, these offers will be received by the customer via mobile alerts at the time requested in their quote from businesses in the suburb or area that they have nominated. Additionally, to help with quick decision making all offers received will be compared and ranked based on the customer’s desired preferences. On selecting or short-listing of the business, the winning businesses, will confirm acceptance and booking of the product or service delivery will take place.  Both customers and businesses are winning as neither the customers pay to use this service nor do the businesses pay to get leads from the platform.  The allocation of time to businesses for giving their offers in real-time as well as to customers to select the winning business makes the platform super-efficient and powerful in achieving timely outcomes and saves them both time and money.   

On existing online sites, consumers spend a lot of time ringing around, reviewing data which may not have integrity and this delays the process by days if not weeks.  On ProFinder which is powered by GalaxC’s automated engine, for urgent requests, customers can book appointments within minutes of the request with businesses who have agreed to provide urgent offers on the platform. Also as the platform promotes ranking of all offers by value rather than price, high quality businesses can expect to get their price and don’t have to serve customers who are focussed on price alone, as these businesses will receive offers from customers who are focussed on high quality rather than price alone.    

Also, as most lead generating sites charge for leads to businesses even when they are not selected by the customer these businesses are left out-of-pocket and unhappy with the advertising and marketing costs.  All such costs are ultimately charged to customers they may win or absorbed by the business reducing their revenues.  On ProFinder, businesses can save on these advertising and marketing costs and will be charged a reasonable fee only on being selected by the customer.

ProFinder’s automated platform has been built to overcome frustrations faced by both customers and businesses. Customers get free memberships and use the platform for free and businesses can get free listings and free leads, making this platform attractive for booking product and services quickly, efficiently and economically.


Suburb or street name not found

If you don't find your street name or suburb when registering please let us know by completing the Contact Form here. We will add your suburb/ street name to our database at the earliest. We thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Why Register?

A one-time registration on ProFinder will save you time whenever you use for booking a good deal. Your contact detail information will be used by the winning business to deliver the product or service or contact you for further information for nonstandard jobs or orders. Also on you will not need to pass your personal information to multiple providers.

Only the provider selected by you will receive your contact information from Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how your personal information is safe with us. Also, we do not need any credit card or financial information as payments for products and services will need to be made directly to the supplier of the product or service.

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