GalaxC Presents -" A world first sourcing and lead generation solution that helps consumers and businesses connect like never before and do business in the most cost-effective and efficient way. "

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Buyers can set deadlines to receive bids in their member account on laptop or mobile.

No ringing around and reviewing businesses for getting free quotes. System communicates buyers need to matched businesses and evaluates bid responses based on previous customers' ratings, bid price and delivery times.

We create a level playing field where buyers get competitive bids from all businesses in chosen suburb, unlike RFQ platforms that select only those businesses that pay high lead fees. We provide leads at no charge.

Bids are ranked based on customer preferences of business's quality rating, price and delivery times from their selected suburb/region.

Bid results known to all participating businesses for market intelligence and improving future bid performance.  No identification details given.

System gives buyers the best available options to select from. It creates a round-robin effect for order distribution for businesses  Businesses can turn lead feature off and take on as much or as little business as they choose to.

Buyer ratings of businesses used to rank all bids received to create the best word of mouth experience.

Businesses can choose their territory and type of jobs/ market segment they want to service eg. customers focused on low price vs those who are willing to pay for quality.