GalaxC Presents -" A world First sourcing and lead generation solution that helps consumers and businesses connect like never before and do business in the most cost-effective and efficient way. "

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Get free quotes within deadlines from multiple local businesses privately and confidentially, only in member online account via desktop or mobile.

Book products and standard urgent and non urgent services, without any phone calls or messaging to or from businesses.

Get multiple quotes from all suitable, available and willing local businesses rather than from a few hand-picked businesses that are willing to pay lead fees or high success fees. (Consumers normally have to absorb these costs!)

Get unbiased, compared and ranked bids, which can be verified by consumers for their easy selection of the best deal for their needs.

Only those participating in the RFQ process get the results of the RFQ, confidentially and privately without identities being revealed.

Get access to tools for setting preferences for Quote Requests, such as price/ budget, quality rating, and urgency levels for the service required as well as delivery times for finding the best business that matches customer's needs.

Previous customer feedback used by the system, in addition to price and time frames for matching quote requests and comparing and ranking the most suitable bids from businesses.

Select the exact suburb or territory for receiving quotes from multiple, matched providers by the deadlines set by customers and as per the set preferences.